Why would they lie?

Check out this YouTube video of negative ads written from the perspective of our Forefathers.

The point is, negative political ads are not new. Do you even remember a time when they weren’t the theme of political season? Well, just because they’re out there doesn’t mean it’s good for our culture or even an effective weapon against one’s opponents.

We’ve had some negative ads run against us the last couple of weeks that are ridiculous. You’ve probably seen them.  They’re not only negative, they’re flat out lies. There may be a nugget of truth that they’ve manipulated and stretched, but that’s still lies.

So, we asked ourselves a simple question that we now want to pose to you:

Why would they lie?

Here are a few reasons we’ve come up with that we wanted to share with you. We’d love to hear your theories in the comments.

1.) They’re afraid.

A common motivation when going negative and lying in your political ads is that you feel like you’re losing. “Stay clean when you’re up. Go dirty when you’re down.” Perhaps Bill Falkner and those sending out false and nasty ads on his behalf are doing so because they’re afraid of you the people? Which brings me to my next point.

2.) They think it will work.

In politics, lying is not an accident. It’s a calculated strategy. They think you’ll take everything you hear at face value. They think they can manipulate your vote. And maybe for those that are looking for a reason to hate Shane, this is something that helps them justify their political view, but we believe that most of our citizens are smart enough to know the difference between dirt slinging and the truth.

3.) They have nothing good to say about themselves.

This ties to the whole “being afraid” thing, but if you had a lot of positive inspiration and ideas to share, you might run those instead of blasting out hate and lies. We all need to remember that we need to treat our voters with respect.  We want to give you something to vote for – not someone to vote against!

4.) They feel their best “card” to play is not a pro-Falkner message.

Sure, some of the negative postcards that were sent had a flip side that had a stock photography family blowing bubbles and some bullet points that don’t really SAY anything – just that he’s pro-family (which, who isn’t). But the point is, they’re relying on the negative to get them through to the end. It’s their best bet.

5.) They feel it’s in their best interest.

The people that put out the commercial about Shane knew they were lying. They also knew that it wasn’t really a compelling message. But, they ran it anyway. They tried to make it sound as sinister as possible because there was no wrongdoing.

We break down the truth behind that ad in another post. Toss integrity out the window when winning at all costs is on the line. It was all they had to go on so they ran with it. They couldn’t find any true dirt.

6.) They’re not ethical.

Ethical people make mistakes, but they don’t strategically lie to manipulate others.

Our opposition is spending a lot of money to run ads that don’t support their candidate, but instead sling mud falsely at us. They think they can buy your vote. Don’t let them steal your voice.

What are your least favorite justifications politicians use for going negative?  Tell us in the comments or post to our Facebook or Instagram.

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