Why is Bill Falkner Bad for St. Joseph?

On Tuesday, November 6, we encourage you to go to the polls and vote for Shane. He will represent the people of St. Joseph for the state of Missouri’s 10th district. He has the best interests of the people of this community at heart. He has been negotiating on their behalf for 22 years and we think it’s about time we have someone representing us that will both listen and act accordingly.

A campaign of integrity and transparency

We remain committed to running a campaign that represents our values. As we canvassed local neighborhoods, we’ve let everyone that wanted to speak their minds. We’ve listened and shared ideas and perspectives.

When negative ads came out against Shane by those representing Bill, we set the record straight and addressed concerns. We were attacked by ads, by trolls on social media and by Bill himself (see below).

There is a time for negative ads. There are many studies to show they work. There are also studies to show they don’t. But overwhelmingly, we believe they are bad for our culture. We’re at war with each other when we should be fighting the battle of ideas, ideals and issues.

In the spirit of setting the record straight, it’s not only important for us to be transparent about ourselves. We also have a responsibility to our voters to remind them about who and what they’re voting for in this election.

Bill Falkner’s Record and Reputation

Bill Falkner has stated time and again that he doesn’t like the negative ads his party has put out on Shane. The ads are silly. They make points that have no bearing on the issues that the candidates will have any influence on if elected. They make unfounded claims based on records from Case Net, then lie about whatever they did find. They’re not meant to reveal the truth, but to just stir up dust and manipulate voters.

But Bill has a lot to answer to this city that he has avoided from the time he was mayor and throughout his campaign for State Representative.

Bill has rarely taken a stand on any issue. He hasn’t wanted to get his hands dirty. So, he let others in his circles and party do the dirty work so that he can have plausible deniability. He can claim to be on the side of the people when he really hasn’t had the wherewithal to take a stand for this city…ever.

“Going Negative Not part of his plan.”

We’re sure Bill is a nice guy.  He has been cordial throughout this campaign. He has blasted the flyers that were put out on his behalf. He has said on social media, news media and in person that this isn’t the campaign he wanted to run.

“Friends – When I started this journey to run for a seat in the Missouri House of Representatives, I knew the kind of campaign I wanted to run. I wanted to run on my own merit, on what I hoped to do for our community in Jefferson City. I DO NOT like, agree with, condone or support the mailers that have been coming out. People tell me “this is politics”, but this is ABSOLUTELY NOT the type of person I am nor the kind of campaign I planned to be a part of. Again, please know that unless any campaign material states “Paid for by Citizens for Falkner” , it was NOT sent with my consent or knowledge. Feel free to share this post- I know we all are tired of the political mud-slinging.” Bill Falkner, Facebook

But he has benefited from them. Just like his time as mayor, what he “wanted” to do and what he actually chose to do are not the same thing.

The people running this campaign for him have set the tone, not Bill’s intentions. And even if his intentions for the city are good, are these the same people that will be pulling the strings and ‘making’ him do things he doesn’t approve of if elected? Or was this denial a part of his strategy all along: get the negative ads out there then act the part of the the politician?

Case Net for Yourself

Bill’s ads attack Shane’s personal finances. These lies were debunked here where we openly discuss the truth behind the Case Net cases. Yet, you can search for William Falkner on Case Net to find suits he has had against him and his now bankrupt plumbing company. Including one that goes to trial the day after the election, where he failed to pay another St. Joseph business, St. Joseph Winsupply, over $11,000 for tools and supplies he purchased.

Bill the “Business Man”

Bill claims that Shane owes taxes on a business he started from scratch. Yet Bill took over a company his dad started and wasn’t able to sustain that company, shirking his financial responsibility to employees, other businesses and the government along the way.

Never Taking a Stand

As mayor, Bill had a reputation for never taking as stand on anything of value. He was able to stay somewhat popular for his 8 year tenure because he never stepped on toes. This begs the question, what does he believe in?

He’s spent most of his career as a democrat but was targeted by the Republicans because of his 8 years as mayor of St. Joseph. We believe they assume they can control him because he doesn’t really have core beliefs that drive his political career.

So, let’s take a look at what he did do for St. Joseph during his tenure as mayor.

Not Listening. Not Representing.

Another token aspect of Bill’s reputation has been closing his eyes and ears to what the people of St. Joseph have to say.

When our current mayor ran his campaign, his platform was built around the fact that his door was open, that he would listen to the people and be transparent. He was able to win with that message because everyone knew that Falkner never did. And though Bill wasn’t seeking reelection, the message was an obvious home run with the people because of the deficit left by Falkner’s time in office.

Shane has promised to maintain a transparent and collaborative position as your representative. He will facilitate regular town hall meetings to allow the voice of St. Joseph’s citizens be heard.

Prop A

A prime example of not listening was Falkner’s position on Prop A during the primaries. He never said he was for it. But he never came out against it either. He either didn’t have a position or he didn’t want to make a decision about his official position until he saw that Missourians, and particularly the citizens of St. Joseph, were opposed by 67%. Even then, he still has never come out against it.  We assume because it doesn’t align with his new party’s interests.


During his reign as mayor, Saint Joseph’s poverty rate soared. When he took office in 2009, it was at 13%. When he left office it was at 20.1% according to the United States Census Bureau. It’s unacceptable that so many people in St. Joseph are struggling.

Shane will help change that.


During his reign as mayor, Saint Joseph’s crime rate soared as well. From 2011 to 2015, the crime rate rose 39.5% from 275.4 per 100,000 to 385.3 per 100,000. St. Joseph’s overall crime rate is 96% higher than the Missouri average and is 129% higher than the national average at 6.5% violent and property crime rate per capita.

Sewer Bill Falkner

Bill has been awarded the name ‘Sewer Bill’ by many in St. Joseph because of his role in more than doubling the sewer bills of residents. The project that raised our sewer bills was indeed mandated by the government, but Bill was part of a group that implemented the most inefficient and expensive solution to the problem.

Also see:

St. Joseph Lawmaker Takes Action Against High Sewer Rates


So, you have to ask yourself, if Bill Falkner isn’t representing the people of St. Joseph, who IS he representing?

Shane Thompson Will Represent St. Joseph

We’ve reiterated throughout this campaign. Shane Thompson is fully equipped and ready to be a voice for St. Joseph. He will listen to all sides. He will help negotiate in Jeff City to give our citizens the best chance possible.  And to be much better off than Mayor Falkner left us when he moved on to his next conquest .

You shouldn’t vote for Shane because he’s NOT Bill Falkner. You should vote for Shane because he is the best candidate to finally get things done for our city!

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