Setting the Record Straight

We all know that lies are a major part of politics. But they shouldn’t be. We the people should demand more of our leadership. We don’t know how many people we will reach, but we feel that our supporters and opposition alike deserve the truth. Then, it’s up to you to decide what to do with it.

Small Business

If you live in St. Joseph and have a television, you’ve seen this ad. Supporters of Falkner’s campaign created this slanderous piece and have spent an obscene amount of money to broadcast it.

We aren’t going to get caught up in the mire. We just thought with all the money being spent on negative ads against Shane, we would simply provide our story. We know the people of St. Joseph are much smarter than the people that put out these ads give them credit for and can recognize what is smoke and mirrors and what is authentic.

A Working Man and the American Dream

Everyone dreams of making it big doing something they love. Some of us inherit wealth or a business from our parents, but others have to work hard for it.

In 2015 we had an opportunity to start a business by opening a local bar. We knew going into it that we weren’t going to quit our jobs to manage it. What we do is too important to our community. We hired out the daily management and operations.

Family First

We also made a decision early on that our family was more important than our business. It would only work if we didn’t have to sacrifice our family time. After a couple of years, the bar was struggling. We were making enough to pay our people. But we weren’t making a profit. We possibly could have let go of some workers and put more time into it. But our family, our coworkers and our peace of mind were too valuable. It wasn’t worth it.

The First 2 Years

There are all types of numbers about the lifespan of a small business. In some studies they show that 80% of small businesses don’t make it past two years. For bars and restaurants, those numbers are even higher. In the midst of the struggling St. Joseph economy where we’re not attracting people from out of town, those numbers are higher still.

On May 22, 2017 we had to shut down the bar. In the midst of that, we still owed some sales tax. We couldn’t pay all at once, so we made a payment arrangement. Because that’s what you do. Over the next year and a half, we worked that down. We now owe such a small sum that we’ll have it paid off this next month.

We Never Failed

When a business doesn’t work out, that doesn’t mean it failed. Our family is amazing and healthy. We’re extremely successful with our jobs within the community. We represent our people with grace and integrity. So, even though we had to shut the doors to the bar, our business didn’t fail. It continues to thrive and reap rewards to the people we represent. Just ask anyone that has ever actually dealt with us.

In a campaign that Bill Falkner wants to keep clean, his constituents continue to put out a myriad of negative ads that have no merit or integrity.

It’s All Lies

According to these negative ads, we owe “$13,000 of accumulated debt.” That’s a lie. That we have multiple judgements and wage garnishments pending against us, that’s a lie. The premise that Shane is not qualified because of lingering bills and debts is a lie.

Shane Thompson is more than qualified to Represent You!

None of these circumstances disqualify Shane from representing Missouri. The fact that he knows what it’s like to start a small business from scratch, he knows what it’s like to struggle, he knows what it’s like for the poor and middle class in St. Joseph to strive for a better life…these experiences make him uniquely qualified to represent you.

He is a master at negotiating for the rights of others. For the last 22 years he has fought for the best life possible for those he has represented in the union. He has fought for the businesses he works with in those negotiations. He has saved jobs and secured a better life for those he represents.

And now, he wants to bring these years of experience to Jeff City to stand up for what is right.

What’s more powerful than money?

You are! We might not have big budgets to spend on unlimited media.  But we can fight against these negative, slanderous ads by sharing the truth with everyone around us.

Help watch Shane’s back this next week and at the polls on November 6th. Because when it comes time for to fight for you, St Joseph, Shane will have your back.




  • Bill’s just mad BC Shane’s out here talking to our people letting them know what’s right for us, while he’s sitting on his butt paying people to do his job. 100% Shane Thompson.

  • If you check into Faulkner’s background I’m sure you will find out his past isn’t so golden as he wants you to think 👍 This is only away to mislead people hoping to get their vote . Shane will do a great job for his people I’ve know Shane for a number of years and he’s a stand up man who cares about his district .

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